Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Growing up we didn't have a lot of money. Somehow we always managed to have fun.
As kids we didn't need video games or computers to amuse ourselves, we had our imaginations.
A summer day was filled with endless possibilities!

We would walk into town, a bagged lunch was all we needed. We'd collect pop bottles on the way. Gosh, we got so good at spotting them in the ditches.
They used to call me 'Eagle Eye's'. Funny, considering I've been wearing glasses since I was six(horrible brown owl style too!) By the time we got to
the local confectionery(not 7-11) we had enough bottles to buy a few treats. Creamsicles were a good bet along with rootbeer popsicles. Just enough to maybe buy a Hires Rootbeer or a Coca-Cola. We'd feel cool and refreshed for all of five minutes - but it was really worth it!

When we were older Mom and Dad(step-dad) would go out dancing every Saturday night. Saturday couldn't come fast enough! I always managed to find a friend or two who wanted to go dancing and we'd spend the day 'getting ready'. It was a big deal, t-shirts and jeans were not good enough - we wanted to look our very best!! The whole day was an event and we looked forward to all the moments including the make-up!

The AA group that my parents belonged to had this dance every Saturday, the cost was low and they always had a live band. We'd get there early enough to choose the best seats. We had this down to an art, not too close to the canteen line so that you weren't pestered by people moving in along behind you and not too close to the speakers as the volume would give you a headache after awhile.

Ready to go at the dance we didn't wait until someone asked us to dance, we would start dancing as soon as the music began. Mom was a great dancer, showing us a few jive steps. She could rock-n-roll with the best of them. We had the time of our lives. Breaking only long enough to take in a beverage as the band rested between sets. We danced the night away. We were always polite, we would see the glare of our Mom if we said no to a dance. So we daned, all
night long. We were the first to get there and the last to pull out of the parking lot, we didn't want the fun to end.

When I think back to these dances I'm reminded just how much fun my Mom was - she was up there with us all and all my friends thought I had the coolest Mom and I guess I did!

Now the dancing days are behind me, simply because there is nowhere to go to dance anymore. I don't do the bar scene. So on occasion on a Saturday I sit and my feet will start tapping
at some music I hear on the radio and I think back to the many nights spent dancing the night away.


  1. You're right. People don't go out to dance much anymore -- well, at least not the kind of dancing we would recognize.

  2. That is a great childhood memory. Collecting the pop bottles was great fun. It was surprising how much penny candy we could buy (or how much candy we could buy for a penny) :) I really enjoyed your this blog. Thanks for posting it :)

  3. Oh man I forgot about the dances. Don't forget going to Boston Pizza for coffee till 3 or 4 am sitting in the back room cause it was big enough for the whole gang of us. Thanks Mickey for reminding me of those days. :)

  4. Well that is a blast from the past! Another fun part was after the dance, a whole bunch would end up at a regual Pizza Place we ( the dance groups ) would take over that whole back room and by the noise and laughing Im sure that other patrons thought we were a bunch of drunks, Those AA Folk sure knew how to groove LOL and I guess after they put the cork in the bottle sortof speak they still liked to rock and roll, the best dances at the Eureka Club in my opinion were the Halloween dances, esp when I was the headlesds horesman and went out 4 a smoke and fresh air, and the costume covered the place I could see out of I wondered aimlessly around a parking lot till I leaned on a guys car and peed him off so he helped me back inside laughing all the way
    Thos Were The Days and PS this is where I met the love of my life as he too was at a dance to support his nephew in AA

  5. Well, thats it kiddo your coming to dance class with me when you come! And what is this "no place to dance" business - you have a living room - you have a stereo. Shake that groove thing!