Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Thankless Knitting

When your passion is knitting it only makes sense that you will inevitably knit items to gift to your family and friends. There is so much love that can be knit into an item or an article of clothing. I've always been a 'gifter'. When I knit something most times it ends up being gifted. I actually have to make myself knit for me.

So when you spend all the time and energy knitting something truly wonderful it really feels horrible when the item seems to be unappreciated. I'm sure you've all experienced this at one time or another. I've even given people a second chance in this. Maybe the first item really wasn't special, and then the self doubt comes in - aren't I a good enough knitter to gift items? And on and on it goes.

This past year I knit a truly delightful dress for a niece of ours and I was truly disappointed that I never even received a picture of her wearing it, or even comments on how it fit. I ordered the yarn from the U.S. and put a lot of work into the item. It was quite a popular item on Ravelry so it's not an outdated - ugly frock from the 70's. As far as I know, the dress has never even been tried on.

Yesterday I was kind of down on myself. I had decided to knit the Wool Peddler Shawl in Malabrigo Sock yarn in Impressionist Sky. This is not cheap yarn, by any means. After having another look at the pattern I realized I'd need yet another skein. The practical me - the 'I don't need to knit for me' - me, wanted to return the yarn and go and buy some cheap acrylic and just 'make do'.

Then I thought about all the knitting I've done over the years and how much was gifted, some appreciated and some not. Here I have the opportunity to knit myself a gorgeous shawl, something I'll have for my lifetime and I'm actually second guessing myself. Really, if I can order yarn from the US and knit for someone who will not appreciate it, surely I can buy one extra skein and have my own beautiful shawl that I will truly enjoy for many years!


  1. Absolutely!!!!! Knit that shawl for yourself. You are SO worth Malabrigo!

  2. Hooray! Yes, do knit a gorgeous shawl for yourself. You will love it forever and be so proud. You can't go wrong with Malabrigo.
    As for the dress - I totally sympathize. I knit the same one for a friend's little girl and never saw it again - either in person or in a photo. Come to think of it I've also knit a shawl and a scarf for this same friend and they have also been AWOL. I always hope that people would take a photo of themselves or their kids in the item and email it to me - and it shouldn't be too hard to do considering we all have digital cameras. I've come to the conclusion that in this day and age of cheap ready made clothing most people don't have a clue about what goes into a hand-made item and therefore really don't appreciate them. I'm not holding a grudge against my friend, but I won't bother knitting for her or her daughter in the future. You and I both have husbands who love to be knit for and there is always ourselves too. Lets spread the love where it will flourish.