Monday, June 21, 2010

Thinking Positvely

Shelly posted a great question on her blog, she's also having a cool contest - check it out!

I don't deal with stressful situations well. I'm the chronic worry wart. For me the glass is always 'half-empty'. I married someone who is of the 'glass is half-full' mentality. What a combo hey!

So at times when I'm feeling stressed or my attitude is not the most positive I don't always go for the healthy options. My feel-good choice is chocolate, only followed by a close second of ice-cream! I know this isn't the way to deal with my stress, yet somehow I continue to do it. Sometimes when I'm feeling sorry for myself it feels like the only thing that will make me feel better. It is however, a temporary fix.

Some of the healthier ways I deal with life's little and big disappointments is to KNIT. Knitting has been a savior for me during many troublesome times. When I sit with my yarn and needles it seems like all of life's worries seem to drift away. It mustn't be just me, a recent article in a local newspaper talked of the increase of popularity in knitting. It's very meditative and relaxing and the secret is out.

Add to that a nice bit cup of tea. What is life without tea? For me, it would be so sad. There are many good and tasty beverages that I enjoy. Tea, is the one that will be there to comfort after a day that you didn't think you'd get through. When your heart feels like it can't possibly feel any more pain or it will surely break - then there is tea. Somehow it makes it feel just a little better - I feel calmed.

I can't possibly end this without a big one - and that is the big one, prayer! When this past year had some things I didn't think I could handle on my own, I sought out a spiritual director and I've been journeying with her since the Fall. She's helped me to see God in places I hadn't before. The images God has shown me have really helped me to realize that I'm not alone. I am loved and that yes even God has said 'this too shall pass'.

I was initially commenting on Shelly's post and I was finding more words coming that really fit into a comment box. I think it's important to share with people how you manage to deal with life's bumps, we all have them. You also realize that other people are also facing struggles. Even though we seem like we have it all together the challenges of life do not discriminate and we all face them in our own ways.

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  1. Good post. Lots of good ways to deal with stress - particularly prayer. I also find having someone to talk to helps too - and of course knitting and tea as you say. The chocolate/ice cream one is really false though isn't it - I always feel worse after rather than better.