Monday, July 26, 2010

Basement Reno

We finished the basement reno yesterday, ending with our room. We replaced some old nasty berber looking carpet in a very unforgiving white to a floating vinyl floor with a wood look. I absolutely love it!

My husband did all the work, I assisted with handing the flooring and clean up.

It is such a nicer looking space. I can't wait to move the furniture back into my bedroom now that the floor is done there too.

First picture is of the living room progress, the second shows the living room done but the baseboards not yet up and lastly is the photo of the living room with baseboards on - our bedroom furniture is still there so that's why you'll see my nightstand in the shot.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy your new rooms.

  2. Looking So good, I cant wait to see it in person :)