Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend Get-A-Way

Queen Anne's Lace

A cabin that remains from the 1800's. No longer rented out it is used by the park staff.

Weekend get-a-way knitting. I started on Friday evening and I made some good progress. It was a relaxing place to sit and knit.

A walking path up to the chalet.

Oliver hanging out in our rented cabin. This was a wonderful cabin and I'd definitely rent one again.

One of the old cabins is used by a local artist, she was busy painting inside.

The Chalet, built in the early 1800's it was a busy site in the early 1900's as people gathered for many social events, a bustle of activity. It was later destroyed by fire one winter and the snow was so high that year that the volunteer fire trucks could not get passed the snowed in roads. Thankfully there was a water tower nearby. As the chalet was built of stone most of it was preserved. They built again re-doing everything from the inside. It is now used exclusively by park administration, although when we were visiting someone was getting married in the garden, just up those stairs.


  1. What a gorgeous place - great wedding site.

  2. That's a lovely place for a getaway, Teamouse. And, you can't keep from staying busy, can you? Your knitting is gorgeous!