Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Christmas Post in September

Yes, it's been some time since I actually posted. I really stayed off my computer on my holidays for the most part. I work on a computer Mon-Fri so I was ready for a break.

Now why the Christmas post in September you ask? Well for the first time in my life that I remember I will spending Christmas with my Dad(his new wife), older sister(and her family) and two younger brothers!

My mom and dad divorced when I was about one year old and my Mom moved back to the city she grew up in and my Dad stayed in Vancouver. A few years later when I was 6 my older sister went to live with my Dad. I have no memories prior to this so I don't remember a Christmas with her in it.

The family grew over the years there were marriages, births and divorces. I have two brothers, whom I adore very much and my sister has a great husband and two boys whom I love to spend time with. Unfortunately the distance between us means this doesn't happen very often. At the most the visits are a couple of years apart.

I've always dreamed of having a Christmas with this other side of the family but thought it likely wouldn't happen until my kids both moved away, and then I thought not even then as where do kids go for Christmas but back to their parents home.

I'm not going to get into all the reasons why the family we do have here and us aren't on great terms, but it's been a rough year for my DH and I. All my family lives elsewhere so when the other side of the family all of a sudden has issues with you and begins to question you parenting, things get ugly fast. As for our DS he's decided he likes his GF's family better and it's not a concern if we aren't here.

When I was down this summer for my Dad's wedding to Judy we casually mentioned how nice it would be together for Christmas. It kept repeating itself over and over in my mind and I knew what Christmas would be like here at home, probably just the three of us. Here was an opportunity to have the Christmas I've always wanted to experience and not be home alone. Not only that but they don't just 'have Christmas dinner' - they really have some good times, play some Improv games and a talent contest and it all sounded like so much fun - too much fun to resist!

The crux was getting time off. We both work at a church and in years past we've had a staff/volunteer lunch on Christmas Eve and of course getting Oliver into a kennel. Thankfully our new pastor had no problems with us having the extra time off and although the first kennel and our preferred kennel of choice was already booked up in August for Christmas, it's true! I did find another kennel in our city who had space and booked him in. I don't like to leave him in a kennel or be away from him at Christmas but I'm sure he'll be nice and safe and as for the day of the year, he doesn't know which is which anyway.

So for the first time since 1975 I will have Christmas with my big sis and for the very first time I'll have Christmas with my Dad and Judy and my two brothers and my sisters husband and her two sons and I couldn't be more happy! We are all really excited around here. I didn't have to ask DH or my DD twice we are more than happy to pack up our gifts and send them off ahead book a flight and create some new Christmas memories. The only drawback that I can see thus far is that we may really, really like it and I know that I can't do it every year. For now though we'll be happy with this one and hopefully the memories last a long, long time!


  1. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!!

    (Boy did THAT feel weird to write!)

  2. good for you Merry Christmas in september!!!

  3. It sounds like fun and you will have fun looking forward to your visit.