Sunday, September 12, 2010

Delicious Multiseed Bread

As I watched it rain the last couple of days I couldn't help but think of the poor farmers. We had a very wet spring and a lot of crops didn't get put in. What did get put in was their hope. Summer storms were hard on them and now when they need to get what they have left off of the fields we get yet more rain. It reminded me just how precious the grain really is. I felt called to work with bread dough and the precious wheat that got to the local store through the blood, sweat and tears of a farmer.

I hadn't baked bread by hand in some time as I got a bread machine about 7 years ago. But this time the bread machine just wouldn't do. I wanted, or needed rather to knead the dough by hand. I wanted to feel the dough and work my blessings into it.

After searching a bit online I found this recipe at RobinHood Flour and I am not disappointed! In fact, this is simply the best bread I've ever made or eaten - it is THAT good! It's a great multiseed bread with lot's of seeds and nuts and uses all whole wheat flour. The end result is a nice loaf with great consistency, not too heavy. I kneaded it just as the recipe called for, a full ten minutes. I have to say it was that much easier to make since I got my Kitchenaid mixer - the only real work I had to do was knead it at the end.

For anyone like my family who loves a nice loaf of whole wheat bread with lots of seeds and nuts, this is a must to make.

Here it is toasted up for this mornings breakfast of tea and toast! The sesame seeds on top get toasted up even more when you toast the bread and it's quite nummy!