Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting Cozy

I cannot believe it's heading to the middle of November already! We had some snow last night and it just seems like it should be sunny and warm still. Just the other day I was able to wear capris and sandals and today I have to drag out my boots.

Working away on a few Christmas projects, there in secret so you'd have to check out my Ravelry page to see them - don't want to ruin any surprises. This one is a new favorite of mine. It's fun when you find a pattern that just clicks with you.

Have yous started Christmas Baking and Christmas Shopping? I've done a bit of shopping but no baking yet. I am beginning to plan what I will bake though. On the weekend we went to Home Depot to pick up another strand of Christmas lights for our yard and I walked past their Electric Fireplaces and this one was so cute I HAD to have it. The best part, not only is it cute but it warms up to 400 sq ft.

My evenings are now spent with the fire lit(lol) and cup of hot tea and my yarn and needles, could life get anymore cozy?


  1. That space heater is adorable!

    Still plenty warm here though. We had two nights when we considered putting on the heater, but with a couple of extra blankets, we were fine.

  2. Love your new fireplace! We have an old gas one that really comes in handy when it gets really cold. Not at all looking forward to the cold weather and snow. Have a feeling it may be a bad winter this year as we have already had a thin coating of snow this year, which is way too early :)
    Snuggle up and stay warm :)

  3. We were looking at them the other day. We didn't get one. I haven't started thinking about baking although I did make a pie tonight.