Thursday, December 22, 2011

Superior Customer Service

A few months back we bought ourselves our first rice cooker. I did a ton of research. The Oster brand kept coming up on top for what we could buy locally. It was in our price range so we decided to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed for the first time ever the rice cooked perfectly, there was no second guessing. Not only was it great at cooking rice but in the morning we could get it loaded up with oats(groats) and water and take our pups for a walk and when we came home we had perfectly cooked oatmeal. Life was great.

Then one day it started turning itself off randomly. At first I would think I forgot to hit 'start'. After a bit it no longer even turned on. I contacted customer service for Oster and was directed to take it to an authorized repair shop. I did so and was disappointed to find out that the part wasn't available for my machine, the big problem was that I hadn't kept my receipt and so the warranty was no longer any good.

I was really frustrated and I sent off a pretty fierce email to the company. I waited and the next day I had a reply from customer service apologizing for the inconvenience. They would send me a new one and it should arrive in 2 - 3 weeks.

This afternoon we had a knock at the back door and here was the replacement rice cooker. I'm very pleased with their customer service. I also learned a very valuable lesson about keeping receipts. The repair shop was very clear that Oster does back their warranties, clearly that is the case.

Thank you Oster!

Friday, December 09, 2011

The pooches

 My two pooches, make life so wonderful. When times are bad, they are always there waiting to be snuggled and to give kisses! They definitely make our house a home.

Piper and I went for a walk and we found this mini-snowman that some school kids had made in the school yard. I couldn't resist the photo op. I don't think she is happy to be sitting in the snow, but she did it. She can be such a good girl.

Then there is our Oliver, so snuggly! Piper isn't that snuggly yet. Oliver's favorite thing to do is snuggle under a blanket with you on the couch. If I don't have a blanket he just paces and nudges until I get one. He's always liked being in a cave when he sleeps. Both the dogs got a jingle bell collar but Oliver's has the best sound. He doesn't seem to mind and I always know where is in the house, his jingles always give him away.

 Piper was spayed last week at the humane society. I was anxious about it, especially because of her size and how much she jumps and I knew we'd have to keep her calm for a week. At 7 months, that's quite a feat. I'm happy to say she is doing great, the vet there did a great job and she's back to having free reign of the house, well when we're home that is.

Right now Oliver is the only on with this privilege, he earned it after many trials. Thankfully the worst he ever did was drag some yarn about, eat my Valentine's chocolates and taste a few pocket books.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Beagles Rescued

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Many of you may have already seen this posted on a friends wall in FB or in the news. These adorable beagles were used as lab rats in Spain. As I watched this tears were running down my face, these beautiful innocent creatures had never seen the outside world. Never went for a walk or sat in the sun, never sniffed at a puddle or had a snowflake on their nose. I'm horrified that dogs are treated in this manner. I'm thrilled that these dogs are safe at last. As you watch the dogs slowly take their first steps out of their metal cage you will surely feel the same.

We have a five year old beagle named Oliver, he's so special to this. It breaks my heart to think of him having led a life like that. We joke a bit as many know beagles aren't the easiest dogs to care for, ours has a bit of attitude at times, that being said I couldn't imagine life without him. He's so snuggly and on the flip side he'll go on as many walks as you want in a day. He's the perfect dog to blend in with any routine. 

Thank God for rescue organizations like this and others who save dogs from this kind of inhumane treatment.

Christmas Treats

Last night I made my DH's favorite cookie of all time, the gingersnap. I'm not usually crazy for them, but these turned out so good I couldn't stop eating them!

3/4 cup hard margarine
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup fancy (mild) molasses
2 1/2 cup flour
2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. ground ginger
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp.salt
1/4 cup sugar

Cream margarine and first amount of sugar together in a large bowl. Add egg. Beat well. Add molasses, beat until smooth.

Combine next 5 ingredients in medium bowl. Add to margarine mixture in 2 additions, mixing well after each addition, until no dry flour remains. Roll into 1" balls. Roll each ball into the second amount of sugar until coated. Arrange 2" apart on greased baking sheets. Bake at 350F for 10 minutes, or until firm. Cool on wire racks.
Yield: Approx 7 1/2 dozen.

The knitting is a Hanging Kitchen towel and an old fashioned dishcloth, a Christmas gift for a friend.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mrs. Claus

 I saw this pattern and I had to make it, even though I've never knit so much as one sock! Now I've knit three and two are for Christmas gifts. It makes me feel a bit like Mrs. Claus!

After seeing the one I made my Mom put in a request for me to make her and her DH one for Christmas. I am pleased to say I am just about finished the last one.

The cranberry one on the right is for my Mom and the thyme green one on the left is for her DH. I am just putting the ruffle trim on now. The only difference I made was to put only one row and use one colour for the trim. They are almost too hard to part with.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Candy Cane Sparkle Ball Band Duo

 It's that time of year again! I stumbled upon some Bernat Holiday Handicrafter at Zellers on discount so I grabbed what they had. I had planned on doing a different cloth and then I thought it would be neat to have a pair of ballband in alternating main colour. The final product is very festive. Am I the only one who loves doing dishes with seasonal coloured cloths? I hope not! It seems though, that I am bypassing Halloween and going for Christmas. It's actually the first year I've been looking for Christmas supplies early enough to not find them! I am way ahead of the game.

I did these with a CO of 39 and worked five repeats of the pattern, ending with row 1 and 2.

I an sending a package up to my niece and I thought I'd add some cloths as my sister loves them so much and she doesn't

I've been knitting mainly dishcloths, although I did have a request to make two knitted stockings for a Christmas gift. I had decided to send gift cards to all the family who was out of the city, after my Mom saw this, she put in a request for a pair for Christmas. How could I say no?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whole Wheat Sunflower Bread

I adore my Bread Machine, it's so easy to get tasty and interesting loaves at home at a fraction of the cost. A nice loaf of bread runs you between $3 and $5. This is a variation of a recipe I've been doing for years. This version is a little lighter and the sunflower seeds are a nice addition.

2 cups water
3 Tbsp margarine(or oil)
1 tsp salt
3 Tbsp milk powder(I use fresh if I'm not using delay setting)
4 Tbsp sugar
3 cups white flour
2 cups whole wheat flour
1/4 cup 7 grain or Red River cereal
1/4 cup sunflower seeds
2 1/4 tsp yeast(I use 1 tsp of the fast acting yeast)

Measure ingredients into machine in order listed, place pan into unit. Select Whole Grain loaf and size. This makes a 3lb loaf. You can cut this in half if you have a 1 1/2 lb unit. Hit start and wait for the goodness to begin.

My family loves this bread and prefers it over to the pricey loaves you get at the super market. If you try it let me know what you think of it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Victorian Christmas Stocking

The Story of my Victorian Christmas Stocking 

 The story started out on Sunday afternoon, I had just finished knitting a Christmas gift bag and I saw a Christmas stocking on the label. I checked out the label pattern and it was for crochet, but I wanted to knit. Although I have tried to knit a sock, I have never finished one. Off to Ravelry I went in search of a pattern.

That led me to the Ruffled Lace Christmas Stocking, it was the perfect fit. I looked at the pattern and got a little intimidated, but I just said 'go for it'. For the first time I just knit and didn't worry about the next step. The cuff and body of the stocking knit up very quickly, it was a breeze. When I got to the stuff that intimidated me(turning the heel etc.) I was patient, I started to second guess myself but I was firm - just follow the directions. What I learned was it all makes sense when you are at the right stage.
 It's hard to imagine what they are talking about in the pattern if you aren't at that stage. I had done the Kitchener Stitch before so that wasn't intimidating me, but the heel and such were.

This was a great lesson in not trying to jump to far ahead for me. I learned a lot and I have a beautiful new Christmas stocking, which I truly love!

I don't know if I'm quite ready to go for socks yet, but I'm getting closer.

I had some Country Red and Ivory on hand. The country red was Lily Sugar and Cream, gifted to me from a friend in Utah. I had nothing that matched for the trim so I went in search. I finally found an Indigo blue in Bernat Handicrafter Cotton and a muted green by Phentex Merit for the ruffle.

 I highly recommend this pattern, it is very well written and it turns out beautifully. I have seen it with and without the ruffle trim and variations in between. I prefer at least the ruffle at the cuff.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I found this "getting to know you" meme on Dee's blog.  It looked like fun.  So, here goes, the ABCs of me:

Age:  41 (almost 42)

Bed:  Queen.

Chore that you hate:  Cooking,thankfully my DH loves it!

Dogs:  Two, a 5 year old Bragle named Oliver and we just adopted a pup named Piper a cute Border Collie/Larador Retriever mix from the Humane Society.

Essential to start my day:  TEA!!!

Favorite color:  Red or Navy

Gold or silver:  Gold, but silver is a close second ;)

Height:  5'5"

Instruments that you play: air drums

Job Title:  Office Admin or something politically correct like thay.

Kids:  Two

Live:  Rarely

Mom's name:  Carolyn Margaret

Nickname: My Granny always called me Missy, but she was the only one who could.

Overnight hospital stays:  5

Pet Peeves:  When people say 'My bad'

Quote from a movie:  "You had me at hello"

Right or left:  Right.

Siblings: Two sisters, two brothers

Take-Out-Food:   Quick, it is for running late moments.

Underwear:  hate shopping for it.

Veggies:  Pretty much all except beets, brussel sprouts rule!

What makes you run late:  My dawdlng DD.

Xrays:  Nothing major, never broke a bone.

Yummy food:  Cinnamon buns, muffins.....oh any baked good, my big weakness!

Zoo Animals:  Not really a person who likes zoos.

There are my answers.  Where are yours?

If you decide to participate, please leave a comment so I can go see the A-Z on you.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yes, I'm still around! I don't have too many followers lately so I'm sure my absence wasn't noticed much. Life has been hectic since Fall kicked in. We also adopted a 3mth old Border Collie/Labrador Retriever Cross from the Humane Society just as our holidays ended. Let me tell you, I forgot how much attention a puppy needs. Piper is a ball of energy. When we got her she was obviously under weight, she weighed 16 pounds and you could see and feel her ribs. Since we got her in the middle of August she has gained 10.5 pounds and she's averaging a gain of 2lbs/week. We are busy playing with her and walking her so I don't get much time to do anything else. Knitting has been slow going, but I did finish this set for my niece's 10th birthday - she turns 10 in December and they moved farther North. I thought a nice scarf/hat sat was appropriate. Of course I had to bling it up, I used Red Heart Shimmer. Her mom is a busy one and this needs to be machine washable. Today I picked up the buttons at Michael's, I like they way they tie it all together. If you haven't tried either of these patterns, I highly recommend them!

I'm not doing a lot of Christmas knitting this year, I usually find I am too stressed out by the end and worried I won't finish in time. I'm also working on some 'me' knitting and I continue to try to fit in prayer shawl knitting.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A new Addition to the Tea Mouse Family

 Meet Piper, our new pup! Piper was adopted from a local animal shelter. When we picked her up on Monday she was a mess, she had been in the same kennel as her sister and brother. It appears that they were rolling around in their messes. She went straight home to her first bath and she cleaned up well.

She is a border colllie/labrador retriever cross and she is really smart! She has a toy box and she goes into the toy box and removes toys in her way to get to the toy she likes.

Our challenge now as a family is to get her ready to socialize with our 5 year old beagle in a non aggressive puppy mode way. According to what I've read she should pick up his 'back-off' body language by 4 months old.

I am looking forward to them becoming really close. Already Oliver our beagle is willing to jump up and sit near her and he's warmed up enough to go back to his rawhides. He's making good progress towards this.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday Knitting

Lazy Saturday morning spent knitting in bed. Working on an Irish Hiking Scarf, I love this pattern. I had got a gift certificate for Eat Sleep Knit at Christmas from my brother and I decided to knit myself a scarf and hopefully a pair of Bella mittens. I fell in love with Malabrigo Worsted Merino in Ravelry Red. This is gorgeous yarn, soft and squishy, it is going to be a wonderful winter scarf to keep me warm and toasty.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hazy Shade of Winter

 More 'me' knitting, sounds a little selfish but it really isn't. Lately almost all my knitting time has been for others. I was making the Everyway Wrap with this lovely Berocco Ultra Ulpaca but I just didn't like the results and add to that it was set down for Christmas knitting and I lost my place.....found it after frogging, but still glad I frogged.

This is a lovely size 36" deep and over 5ft across. I have wanted a large cozy shawl for some time and I finally got it. I love this so much I started a second one, read yesterday's post.

This is going to be a very well used shawl, it's got that 'go with anything' look so I'm glad it is in a neutral colour.

         I highly recommend this pattern!

Monday, July 11, 2011

More 'me' Knitting

I have done a lot of prayer shawl knitting and I'm definitely in need of some 'me' knitting. I knit this Boneyard shawl already in Berocco Ultra Ulpaca and I loved it so much I'm making another one. I had six skeins of the Cascade handpainted in Red and I was planning on a FLS(February Lady Sweater). I decided I'd much rather have a shawl, they go with more outfits from casual to dressy. So here goes another one!

This was my progress so far, I started it this morning and I knit on it at lunch while listening to the audiobook version of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, perfection!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Namaste Hand Bag - A Knitter's Must Have

Here is my new Namaste Purse. I was shopping at Eat Sleep Knit with my yarn lotto money $50 store credit and I had a few shekels leftover and I thought I'd find a small accessory. Boy was I wrong! Instead I saw this bag and I just had to have it. I searched and found a few youtube video reviews and I was sold. The hardest part, choosing a colour. I saw the Hollywood Pink and I was in love. Usually I'm a red or blue person but the red was more like a brick red and I didn't really want blue and I just could not resist this beautiful pink. I've definitely been on a pink kick all of a sudden. This just screams glamorous to me.

Here the bag is opened up, you can see how much space is inside. I just have my wallet on the bottom. The wide mouth opening makes it really easy to get to your stuff(knitting). There are also side pockets and a zippered pocket. The side pockets have a pouch for a cell phone but I have a BB and it won't fit there. The zippered pocket is a great place for me to store my little baggie of knitting accessories to take along.
This is the front accordion pocket, it opens up to several sleeves. This is a great place for those quick 'go-to' purse items. This is where I keep my cell phone, gum, mints etc. I like that it's right out front, super handy.

And here it is with my current knitting project inside. This is my 'Hazy Shade of Winter' shawl. See there is enough room for this and the shawl is almost full size at the moment. I have it stored in it's ziploc bag and underneath is my wallet and the pattern. The bag has three strong magnets to keep it closed, the bag opens very easy because of this and it closes on its own too. If it pops open you just have to give it a gentle push and it is closed. The bag costs about $79 but it is well worth every penny. When I picked up my parcel at our local drugstore there were Roughrider purses(our local football team) they are in the hideous rider green(grass green) and they are basically a green football with straps and the rider logo. So for the same price I could have had a hideous green bag with absolutely no storage space or this gorgeous and very practical handbag. I think I got a great deal. Not like I'd buy a small hideous green football purse bag, but I do feel better about buying a pricey bag spontaneously after seeing that for sale ;)

 Happy Knitting!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Nail Fun

For my DD's grade 12 grad we went and had gel nails done. I decided to keep mine a bit longer. When I went to get them filled this weekend I met some wonderful ladies. It was a great atmosphere. One of the ladies was getting a design with a gem and she encouraged me to try it. I quite like it, it's a little different and a little treat to me. I was finding them too long and had them shortened a bit and I'm loving them once again. I like to have nice nails and in May I still didn't have enough good nails for a decent manicure. These are a great option especially when you live in a climate that is so hard on nails like ours is. I don't know how long I'll continue with the maintenance of them, but I'm enjoying them thoroughly at the moment.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Prayer Shawl Progress

 I recently picked up a copy of 'The Prayer Shawl Companion'. One of the ladies brought a copy of it to our last prayer shawl ministry gathering. It's got some lovely patterns and great prayer ideas.

This is the Cornerstone shawl. It calls for 700 yards of worsted weight acrylic yarn and really big needles size 13(11mm). I tried that and it was way too loose. I went down to a size 11(9mm) and it was much better.

 I love the look of this pattern. I will try it again but I'm thinking of doing garter edging instead of the seed stitch. I just find it awkward with big needles and small yarn. Also, I just like to try doing things differently.

It was still bigger than I'm used to using for that size of yarn, but it does make a quick project. I started this on June 27 and finished it up on July 4.

I like to create a nice relaxing space for my prayer shawl knitting. There are times when I take it in the car or the backyard. I'm trying to keep my knitting corner free of clutter, that's a BIG challenge. Usually this end table has patterns, needle accessories and other things piled on it.
This inspired me to make a change. I have a candle lit, a copy of the book and of course a cup of tea. Then I'm all set to knit on the shawl.

The demand for the shawls in our church has really surprised me, the stories of people receiving them are so moving. It really feels right to be a part of such a great ministry.

I have knit about seven shawls since I started and I plan to get one more on the needles but it's progress will be slow
   as I have a lot of 'me' knitting to finish   up. I have two shawls on the needles now and I have a FLS planned to knit before Fall. So many projects, if only there were more knithours in a day!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Things I like about Summer

 This year I'm determined to make the most out of summer, no matter how many mosquito's invade!I find that winter is a long hard go if you don't get enough outside time. This was the case this past winter. We had a long cold winter with a LOT of snow. It got downright depressing.

The fix I hope this year is enjoying as much as I can. My DH bought a canoe so we can enjoy the lakes.
 We have been enjoying our backyard, our little oasis - a place to get away from the regular grind of work, committee meetings and other things that take up a lot of our time during the year.

I bought DH a zero gravity chair and I loved it so much I got myself one. Sitting back in that with a nice cool beverage is a great way to spend an afternoon. On a really hot day we stay tucked under our canopy house and turn on our mister and you can hardly tell how hot it is. If you live somewhere you hot, you must have
one, we got ours at Home Depot.

I've recently discovered my love for Stella Artois. Before Stella I really didn't think I liked beer. Oh I like it, just the really expensive imported stuff, figures. Oh well, all things in moderation. It does go well with bbq.

Also a fun summer treat is the Timmie's Iced Cap or a nice Strawberry Frappucino from Starbucks.

Add to that my knitting and I'm all set to have a great afternoon no matter how hot it gets.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yarn Bombing, in my city really?

 On my way to work the other day I noticed this tree, I drive this way every day and this was definitely new. It has been Yarn Bombed! The question is by whom.

I made it my mission today to take a picture of it on my way home from work. This is quite unusual, I've never seen any evidence of yarn bombing before this and it's in an area that I wouldn't consider artsy.

It looks like it is crocheted - whoever you are yarn bomber, you rock!

I had fun editing the pictures, the second one is in honor of the Canucks who are playing in game 7 today for the Stanley Cup, here's hoping they bring the cup home to Canada, eh!

I've never yarn bombed. Have you? If so what did you bomb?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Worldwide Knit in Public Day - Knitting at Tim Horton's

I know many of you already knit a lot in public so you were probably doing this today to celebrate. I don't knit too often in public, I guess it is my own issues that keep me from doing so. I don't normally like to stand out in public so doing anything that attracts attention to me makes me feel nervous.

This morning after I went for a nail refill I decided to be brave and go for it. I bought my Xlarge coffee and a muffin and found a nice table in the sunlight and went for it. It was liberating! You know what, I don't even think people noticed or paid any attention to me, yay!  For an introvert it helped me feel less uncomfortable to be alone in the coffee shop. I normally don't do that.

I think knitting in public is a great way for me to get out and have this alone time when it's needed or if I'm going to be out by myself for shopping etc.

This is the Boneyard shawl I'm knitting for myself in Berocco Ultra Alpaca. I've named it Hazy Shade of Winter as it reminds me of a cloudy winter day. I love the pattern, very simple so it's great for t.v. knitting and it also just has a classic look to it.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Relaxation Aroma Therapy

 A girl at work was having a Scentsy catalogue party so I decided to give the scents a try. I love the house to smell nice and I had recently taken to using the Glad Sensor air fresheners in the bathrooms, it just seemed to keep them smelling fresh. They aren't cheap a little replacement is between $6 and $10.

My wonderful DH bought me two full size burners for Mother's Day and six packages of scented wax. The Green Celtic Knot one is for my bedroom. I'm currently using the Cucumber Lime and it's very relaxing.

The burgundy one is the Roma and I'm using it upstairs, I like it for it's Victorian styling. I'm using the Simply Irresistible scent.

I got two full size burners and six packs of the scented wax. It's quite neat, I don't have to worry about candles and the scent stays the entire time. I've never found a scented candle that ever really had much scent to it. So there is no candle just a bulb to keep the wax melted. One square of the wax usually does a weeks worth of average use, which is mainly 5 hours an evening. The wax hardens until you turn it on the next day, lovely! This is just perfect. I'm looking forward to the different scents for the different seasons. There are pretty much scents to appeal to everyone, it's a pretty cool system. There are also nightlights, similar to glade plugins that work the same way and light up the room too.

Want to win your own plug in Scentsy click here for more info.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Graduation Day

Today my little girl graduates high school! Here she is at age 5, it is obvious she's had some falls. These falls that caused little bruises or the need of a Band-Aid were easy to fix when she was 5.

As she grew into a pre-teen things changed, she was growing up and in doing so she began to have mood swings. Things weren't so easy to fix.  There were many of those in the past few years. She had a wild ride to growing up and my hairdresser can attest to that!

So in the early years it was all fixed so easy, a kiss on an owie or a hug was all it took. These last few years we had to give a lot up to God and pray like the dickens. I'm so glad we did. We never gave up on our little spitfire!

Today she graduates from high school, she's no longer a little girl or a snarly teen but she's an 18 year old woman and the world is her oyster. Today she will put on her beautiful purple(not bad considering all she wore is black for the last 3 years) and she will hold her head high and she can be proud of how far she came. I can't wait to see where life takes her. My DH also wrote a lovely post today, we are very blessed to have her in our lives!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

On this day 22 years ago...

To the Love of my Life

On this day, 22 years ago we were young and full of hopes and dreams and maybe even a little bit afraid of the future. We started our life of together doing things just a little bit different from the norm. We met in February 1988 and for me it was love at first sight! I knew withing days of dating you that we'd get married. I had never met anyone like you before.

On that day 22 years ago the odds were stacked against us - the whispers around the hall we were married in were not unnoticed by us. I  noticed the glares my Granny gave us. We continued on, we knew and we smiled and had our day. It didn't even matter that we didn't pick the date and that an overbearing auntie-in-law had messed with the decor and made it a tad tacky.

When I walked into the room and saw your beaming face smiling at me I knew it would all be ok. I kept my eyes focused on you and nothing else mattered. In that moment of time everything else ceased to exist.
Here we were getting married, it was really happening! I loved you and you loved me. That love has gifted us with two beautiful children. Many years of good memories and so much more.

On this day I can sit and reflect on our life and the good times and the bad. We always managed to work together as a team getting past anything that seemed overwhelming. So many firsts we encountered together, discovering new things about each other each and every day! Knowing that my love for you grows stronger every day we are together.

I am looking forward to many more years of new discoveries and adventures. Oh yes, the adventures. One thing about life you learn is that it is full of many different adventures and you cannot always predict the kinds of adventures you will be gifted with. I am looking forward to many more years of adventuring with you. With you at my side I can do anything, we will see and so so much together. Like fine wine our love grows better with every year we're together.

Today when I look at you with all the love in my heart I say over and over again in my head "I do!"

Loving you Always and Forever!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

22 Years of Wedded Bliss, formerly known as 20!

 This afghan was two long years in the making. I started it in March 2009 for our anniversary in May. Then the Swine Flu attacked and I was out of commission for around 6 - 8 weeks and my knitting really suffered. You know you're sick when you don't want to knit. Next thing it was summer and too hot to knit on a wool blanket. I'd pick it up off and on in the Fall but I had Christmas knitting to tend to. Over the last two years it's had it's ups and downs and there were times I doubted I'd ever finish it. I recently completed another afghan, my first with knitting and it inspired me to push through and finish for once. Thankfully we had a nice rainy weekend, perfect for knitting. I knit like crazy and before long it was done. After 8 balls of Cascade Heathers in Baby Pink and 2 years and 2 months it was done! I soaked it in Eucalan and blocked it. It now has a home on my bed with Blessings Bear! I am thrilled to have it done and just days before my 22nd Anniversary!
 This afghan wouldn't normally take that long. I'm planning to make a few of the smaller carriage versions for a local organization that helps teen mom's who keep their babies. I've wanted to knit for them for a bit and I love how this pattern knits up. I will use acrylic as new mom's won't want the bother of washing wool.