Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Knitting

Irish Hiking Scarf for my brother Chris. I used chunky wool so I CO 30 stitches and had two cables.
Bag from Hakucho - great pattern, I highly recommend it. I want to make many more to use as gift bags for next Christmas and for birthdays throughout the year. On this one I did a stockinette top, but I prefer the pattern as it is written. The only thing I didn't mind in this one, I added an extra repeat round as I knew that I needed a bit more room.
For a dear friend for Christmas - Shaelyn Shawl, I absolutely love this shawl, great pattern.
My second Shaeylyn, this time for my Mom. I did hers in KnitPicks Stroll Tonal and sock. It's named FrogPrincess for the colours. She absolutely loved it, I'm so happy!
Here is the first bag I made, I followed the directions to a T, I'm very happy with it. It held my sisters Christmas gift this year, she was thrilled that hers was the gift in the knitted bag.
Irish Hiking Scarf for my brother Mattty, this one is just like the one for Chris, the only difference is the colour.
For Judy, my Dad's new wife - single cable scarf. I like it ok, if I did it again I would use a different wool and make it a bit wider. I do like the asymmetrical look of the cable down the side.


  1. Teddy modeled some beautiful projects. You were a busy, BUSY knitter.

  2. All beautiful, lucky recipients!

  3. What gorgeous knits! Nice Job

  4. All your gifts came out great and those beautiful red gift bags are just awesome :) Glad you liked the pattern!!

  5. P.S. I just took a second look at your that a GUND bear? Looks like the teddy bear (Bunky bear) my boys have. Each one of my boys received on when they were born. :)

  6. @Hakucho, it is a Ganz bear. I bought it for my Granny when she had hip surgery years ago, it is a Blessings bear. I've had it since she died a couple years ago.