Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Knitting

 Here is my first 'me' knitting of 2011. I am knitting myself my 3rd February Lady Sweater. This time it's in Cascade 220 dip dyed, Cranberry. I love this colour. I had made another in Dream in Colour Smooshy and I do get a lot of wear out of it. I bought this yarn while on holiday with my sister awhile back and had every intention of it becoming a FLS but things got away from me and I ended up knitting on other projects. I also knit my younger sister one in LionBrand CottonEase, on that one I chose to make more of a short cap sleeve as I thought it would suit her better, I was right and she loved it. It's a great pattern and I'm happy to be starting another one.
 This is some 'challenge' knitting. I have had this Bella Mitten pattern since last Fall of 2009. I had thought I'd make my DD a pair for Christmas but I thought there was no way I could knit a mitten. I was working away on an EveryWayWrap and having no luck after having set it aside to hibernate for Christmas knitting. I had lost my place and frankly lost interest in the pattern all together. So with the same yarn I picked up my circular needles and CO for a mitten. I remembered the magic loop method fairly well and was humming along quite good. I was amazing myself. Even the thumb didn't seem daunting. When it was all finished I did see a small bit of laddering just before the thumb so I obviously need more practice.The main thing I tried it, I did it and I now know that if I want to I can do it! It feels good to know that. Now I haven't knit the mate due to the fact of the laddering I really need to start over, but that will be for another day, for now I'm just happy knowing that I challenged myself.
I have made a lot of shawls lately and I was lucky enough to have a shawl gifted to me. The bottom red shawl was knit for me by my sister and given to me as a birthday gift. I went there for Christmas this year, our first together in 35 years! Isn't this shawl simply gorgeous? It's also very warm and cozy for our chilly winter evenings. She knit it with Berocco Vintage
Before Christmas when I was in the midst of a ton of Christmas knitting projects my Mom asked me to knit a shawl for her MIL. Her only concerns were colour, shape and the softness of the yarn. After receiving this shawl from my Sis I knew I would try that pattern. It met the shape requirement(triangle) and I knew I could find some comfy yarn. I chose Bernat Softee Baby in Garden Ombre and Fresh Green. I began with the ombre and after it was about 10" I began to alternate 4 rows of each colour. Next I will go to 6 rows of the solid with 4 of the ombre. The bottom ribbing will all be in the Fresh Green. I hope her MIL gets a lot of use out of this.

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  1. Love the color of your new February Lady sweater. I'm tempted to make one for myself....maybe someday :)