Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dishcloth Stash Rebuilding

I really like this pattern, it makes a nice sized cloth and it is quick and easy to knit. It is quite a pretty little cloth and it's a free pdf download at Ravelry! I finished the one in Faded Denim and now I'm working with this bright summer colour. I love knitting dishcloths in crazy colours.

I am trying to replenish my 'Gift Cloth' stash. I had depleted it a bit through Christmas and I haven't been knitting cloths since then. I love these little travel projects. I can enjoy knitting time on my work commute and there portable enough to bring to work on at work during my lunch break. When I'm in need of knitting and need the feeling of accomplishment, especially when working on larger projects, dishcloths are the perfect fit.


  1. Looks like it has a nice "scrubby" surface too. I think this one needs to be in my queue. :-)

  2. Nice cloths :) I always have a bunch of hand knitted cloths on hand for quick gifts...they certainly come in handy to have them ready made!