Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday Lunch Adventures

I was so lucky to be the recipient of a $30 gift certificate for Golden Willow Natural Fibre, a LYS. Today I finally got around to visiting. I had some free time at lunch so I popped in to see if I could find any yarn. Oh there were such pretty yarns, some that just looked like they jumped out of an Easter basket they were so bright and cheery. It is weird shopping without a project in mind, you end up wandering aimlessly for quite a bit. Thankfully I went back to the starting point of entering the store where I had first seen the Malabrigo. At first I decided not to buy it as I wanted two skeins to ensure I had enough for a big shawl and second I thought perhaps I would use a different yarn. I guess I am truly in love with this yarn. I am glad I went back for a second peek as I did not notice at first the Tiziano Red. I had been thinking about getting this colour for a bit but I ended up choosing other colours when I ordered from Eat Sleep Knit.

So now I own these two gorgeous skeins in this wonderful red and I am jumping up and down thinking of what pattern I will use.

Then I tried a sandwich I never would have tried if it was not fact of it being Lent. It was a cheese bagel sandwich toasted with four slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber some was just wonderful. Now I am back at the office sipping on a new Lipton Tea - the pyramid ones - a nice Spiced Cinnamon Chai....not a bad Friday after all!

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  1. Gorgeous yarn the deep color. Yes...I do wonder what you'll knit with this?? Enjoy :)
    New yarn always makes a day special ;)