Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Dishcloth Sampling

 Chinese Waves Dishcloth. I think next time I'll do a border around it as it tends to curl easy.
 A Six-Pack, Cloths gifted for a friend.
 The Dishcloth Jar when it is almost full, time to gift when it gets full!
 A few of the cloths I've made - all gifted now to happy recipients.
A mitered dishcloth, the pattern is Mitered Scrubby Cloth. I CO 70 stitches for a larger dishcloth. I love the pattern, very quick and easy.

I love knitting cloths, they are quick so I get the instant gratification feeling and they are so handy for gifting. I usually have a stash going in my cloth jar and when it gets full I usually have someone ready for a gift, perfect!


  1. Thanks for the link to the Mitered Scrubby Cloth. I'm going to make one or more soon.

  2. Lots of pretty cloths! I always keep a stockpile on hand too. They certainly make nice gifts :)

  3. Oh my gosh... I have that SAME jar and it's filled with the same thing (cloths). When mine gets full I do the same thing (gift them away). But, there is one difference. My jar also has a little ornament in there, a Santacorn. I put in dishcloths AND small Christmas ornaments to give away.

    I guess great minds really DO think alike.

    Your cloths are so pretty all rolled up together.