Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Shaelyn for Me

 I have made two of the Shaeyln Shawl's as gifts and I really love the pattern. I told myself the next shawl I knit for myself will be that pattern. I had some gift certificates for a LYS that were calling to me since Christmas. Finally I had a chance to get to the shop. I spent several minutes oogling the yarn before I went to my first choice upon entering the shop, Malabrigo Sock in Tiziano Red! It would be perfect for a shawl. 

We went to Atlanta recently, my DH had a conference there and I had intended to visit Eat Sleep Knit with some Valentine's certificates I had and purchase yarn for a classic black February Lady Sweater. Unfortunately it wasn't a place I could get to easily by transit and the hours they were open my DH was in his meetings. I decided I didn't want to figure out how to get there on my own and I purchased the yarn online and had it shipped, I really lucked out when I did. If you've ordered from them before you know about the yarn lotto, I won a $50 store credit!

In the meantime I did need something to occupy my time while he was at his conference, aside from shopping that is :). I brought along a ball of my Malabrigo and my needles and I took some time to cast on. I find this part the time I need the most alone time as it's cast on is a tad different from usual. Within minutes I was zipping along on this shawl as I sipped some delicious Passion Fruit Iced Tea and enjoyed the view from our 42nd floor window of the Westin PeachTree Plaza.I also found some chocolate on one of my ventures on the MARTA and I enjoyed a few as I knit my Shaelyn, which as aptly been named 'Georgia on my Mind' for obvious reasons.

Knitting bliss, knitting and chocolate while on holiday in Atlanta!


  1. Beautiful knitting in one of my favorite cities EVER! Glad you had a good time in Atlanta.

    We try to get up there at least ONCE a year, but it looks like it may not happen this year. :-(

  2. Knitting AND chocolate!! I can't think of anything better :)