Friday, June 10, 2011

Relaxation Aroma Therapy

 A girl at work was having a Scentsy catalogue party so I decided to give the scents a try. I love the house to smell nice and I had recently taken to using the Glad Sensor air fresheners in the bathrooms, it just seemed to keep them smelling fresh. They aren't cheap a little replacement is between $6 and $10.

My wonderful DH bought me two full size burners for Mother's Day and six packages of scented wax. The Green Celtic Knot one is for my bedroom. I'm currently using the Cucumber Lime and it's very relaxing.

The burgundy one is the Roma and I'm using it upstairs, I like it for it's Victorian styling. I'm using the Simply Irresistible scent.

I got two full size burners and six packs of the scented wax. It's quite neat, I don't have to worry about candles and the scent stays the entire time. I've never found a scented candle that ever really had much scent to it. So there is no candle just a bulb to keep the wax melted. One square of the wax usually does a weeks worth of average use, which is mainly 5 hours an evening. The wax hardens until you turn it on the next day, lovely! This is just perfect. I'm looking forward to the different scents for the different seasons. There are pretty much scents to appeal to everyone, it's a pretty cool system. There are also nightlights, similar to glade plugins that work the same way and light up the room too.

Want to win your own plug in Scentsy click here for more info.

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