Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yarn Bombing, in my city really?

 On my way to work the other day I noticed this tree, I drive this way every day and this was definitely new. It has been Yarn Bombed! The question is by whom.

I made it my mission today to take a picture of it on my way home from work. This is quite unusual, I've never seen any evidence of yarn bombing before this and it's in an area that I wouldn't consider artsy.

It looks like it is crocheted - whoever you are yarn bomber, you rock!

I had fun editing the pictures, the second one is in honor of the Canucks who are playing in game 7 today for the Stanley Cup, here's hoping they bring the cup home to Canada, eh!

I've never yarn bombed. Have you? If so what did you bomb?


  1. One of my local yarn shops (She Sells Yarn in Daytona) does regular yarn bombings. LOL

  2. It's all the rage. Check out the article from TIME,29307,2077071,00.html