Saturday, July 09, 2011

Namaste Hand Bag - A Knitter's Must Have

Here is my new Namaste Purse. I was shopping at Eat Sleep Knit with my yarn lotto money $50 store credit and I had a few shekels leftover and I thought I'd find a small accessory. Boy was I wrong! Instead I saw this bag and I just had to have it. I searched and found a few youtube video reviews and I was sold. The hardest part, choosing a colour. I saw the Hollywood Pink and I was in love. Usually I'm a red or blue person but the red was more like a brick red and I didn't really want blue and I just could not resist this beautiful pink. I've definitely been on a pink kick all of a sudden. This just screams glamorous to me.

Here the bag is opened up, you can see how much space is inside. I just have my wallet on the bottom. The wide mouth opening makes it really easy to get to your stuff(knitting). There are also side pockets and a zippered pocket. The side pockets have a pouch for a cell phone but I have a BB and it won't fit there. The zippered pocket is a great place for me to store my little baggie of knitting accessories to take along.
This is the front accordion pocket, it opens up to several sleeves. This is a great place for those quick 'go-to' purse items. This is where I keep my cell phone, gum, mints etc. I like that it's right out front, super handy.

And here it is with my current knitting project inside. This is my 'Hazy Shade of Winter' shawl. See there is enough room for this and the shawl is almost full size at the moment. I have it stored in it's ziploc bag and underneath is my wallet and the pattern. The bag has three strong magnets to keep it closed, the bag opens very easy because of this and it closes on its own too. If it pops open you just have to give it a gentle push and it is closed. The bag costs about $79 but it is well worth every penny. When I picked up my parcel at our local drugstore there were Roughrider purses(our local football team) they are in the hideous rider green(grass green) and they are basically a green football with straps and the rider logo. So for the same price I could have had a hideous green bag with absolutely no storage space or this gorgeous and very practical handbag. I think I got a great deal. Not like I'd buy a small hideous green football purse bag, but I do feel better about buying a pricey bag spontaneously after seeing that for sale ;)

 Happy Knitting!

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  1. I want one but they are out of stock in the color I'd like to get! The purple is out of stock as well. Love what you've done with your blog template!