Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Prayer Shawl Progress

 I recently picked up a copy of 'The Prayer Shawl Companion'. One of the ladies brought a copy of it to our last prayer shawl ministry gathering. It's got some lovely patterns and great prayer ideas.

This is the Cornerstone shawl. It calls for 700 yards of worsted weight acrylic yarn and really big needles size 13(11mm). I tried that and it was way too loose. I went down to a size 11(9mm) and it was much better.

 I love the look of this pattern. I will try it again but I'm thinking of doing garter edging instead of the seed stitch. I just find it awkward with big needles and small yarn. Also, I just like to try doing things differently.

It was still bigger than I'm used to using for that size of yarn, but it does make a quick project. I started this on June 27 and finished it up on July 4.

I like to create a nice relaxing space for my prayer shawl knitting. There are times when I take it in the car or the backyard. I'm trying to keep my knitting corner free of clutter, that's a BIG challenge. Usually this end table has patterns, needle accessories and other things piled on it.
This inspired me to make a change. I have a candle lit, a copy of the book and of course a cup of tea. Then I'm all set to knit on the shawl.

The demand for the shawls in our church has really surprised me, the stories of people receiving them are so moving. It really feels right to be a part of such a great ministry.

I have knit about seven shawls since I started and I plan to get one more on the needles but it's progress will be slow
   as I have a lot of 'me' knitting to finish   up. I have two shawls on the needles now and I have a FLS planned to knit before Fall. So many projects, if only there were more knithours in a day!

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  1. The shawl is beautiful. Are the stockinette squares about 8 sts wide?

    Size 11 needles are awkward and clunky, especially if you have been knitting with smaller sizes like 2s.