Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Things I like about Summer

 This year I'm determined to make the most out of summer, no matter how many mosquito's invade!I find that winter is a long hard go if you don't get enough outside time. This was the case this past winter. We had a long cold winter with a LOT of snow. It got downright depressing.

The fix I hope this year is enjoying as much as I can. My DH bought a canoe so we can enjoy the lakes.
 We have been enjoying our backyard, our little oasis - a place to get away from the regular grind of work, committee meetings and other things that take up a lot of our time during the year.

I bought DH a zero gravity chair and I loved it so much I got myself one. Sitting back in that with a nice cool beverage is a great way to spend an afternoon. On a really hot day we stay tucked under our canopy house and turn on our mister and you can hardly tell how hot it is. If you live somewhere you hot, you must have
one, we got ours at Home Depot.

I've recently discovered my love for Stella Artois. Before Stella I really didn't think I liked beer. Oh I like it, just the really expensive imported stuff, figures. Oh well, all things in moderation. It does go well with bbq.

Also a fun summer treat is the Timmie's Iced Cap or a nice Strawberry Frappucino from Starbucks.

Add to that my knitting and I'm all set to have a great afternoon no matter how hot it gets.

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