Saturday, August 20, 2011

A new Addition to the Tea Mouse Family

 Meet Piper, our new pup! Piper was adopted from a local animal shelter. When we picked her up on Monday she was a mess, she had been in the same kennel as her sister and brother. It appears that they were rolling around in their messes. She went straight home to her first bath and she cleaned up well.

She is a border colllie/labrador retriever cross and she is really smart! She has a toy box and she goes into the toy box and removes toys in her way to get to the toy she likes.

Our challenge now as a family is to get her ready to socialize with our 5 year old beagle in a non aggressive puppy mode way. According to what I've read she should pick up his 'back-off' body language by 4 months old.

I am looking forward to them becoming really close. Already Oliver our beagle is willing to jump up and sit near her and he's warmed up enough to go back to his rawhides. He's making good progress towards this.


  1. Just looking at Piper's feet, it's going to be interesting to see how big he gets! Lucky dog to have found your family.

  2. Oh my golly, she is SO cute! Best wishes for a long and happy friendship between Piper and Oliver.

  3. Anonymous8:34 am GMT-6

    Very cute pup ! I agree, those paws are kind of big. I'll be watching to see how large Piper gets also. Have fun with your new family member !

    Carolyn /