Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Candy Cane Sparkle Ball Band Duo

 It's that time of year again! I stumbled upon some Bernat Holiday Handicrafter at Zellers on discount so I grabbed what they had. I had planned on doing a different cloth and then I thought it would be neat to have a pair of ballband in alternating main colour. The final product is very festive. Am I the only one who loves doing dishes with seasonal coloured cloths? I hope not! It seems though, that I am bypassing Halloween and going for Christmas. It's actually the first year I've been looking for Christmas supplies early enough to not find them! I am way ahead of the game.

I did these with a CO of 39 and worked five repeats of the pattern, ending with row 1 and 2.

I an sending a package up to my niece and I thought I'd add some cloths as my sister loves them so much and she doesn't

I've been knitting mainly dishcloths, although I did have a request to make two knitted stockings for a Christmas gift. I had decided to send gift cards to all the family who was out of the city, after my Mom saw this, she put in a request for a pair for Christmas. How could I say no?


  1. Ballbands are my all time favorite and they look so pretty in the red and white! Your niece will love them ...I'm sure :)

  2. Ballbands are a GREAT dishcloth and having a little sparkle ---- well, that is ALWAYS a good thing! :-)