Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Beagles Rescued

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Many of you may have already seen this posted on a friends wall in FB or in the news. These adorable beagles were used as lab rats in Spain. As I watched this tears were running down my face, these beautiful innocent creatures had never seen the outside world. Never went for a walk or sat in the sun, never sniffed at a puddle or had a snowflake on their nose. I'm horrified that dogs are treated in this manner. I'm thrilled that these dogs are safe at last. As you watch the dogs slowly take their first steps out of their metal cage you will surely feel the same.

We have a five year old beagle named Oliver, he's so special to this. It breaks my heart to think of him having led a life like that. We joke a bit as many know beagles aren't the easiest dogs to care for, ours has a bit of attitude at times, that being said I couldn't imagine life without him. He's so snuggly and on the flip side he'll go on as many walks as you want in a day. He's the perfect dog to blend in with any routine. 

Thank God for rescue organizations like this and others who save dogs from this kind of inhumane treatment.


  1. That was so moving. Beagles are such lovers, how could anyone be a part of their mistreatment!

  2. That's awful...so glad (and relieved)they got rescued!