Friday, December 09, 2011

The pooches

 My two pooches, make life so wonderful. When times are bad, they are always there waiting to be snuggled and to give kisses! They definitely make our house a home.

Piper and I went for a walk and we found this mini-snowman that some school kids had made in the school yard. I couldn't resist the photo op. I don't think she is happy to be sitting in the snow, but she did it. She can be such a good girl.

Then there is our Oliver, so snuggly! Piper isn't that snuggly yet. Oliver's favorite thing to do is snuggle under a blanket with you on the couch. If I don't have a blanket he just paces and nudges until I get one. He's always liked being in a cave when he sleeps. Both the dogs got a jingle bell collar but Oliver's has the best sound. He doesn't seem to mind and I always know where is in the house, his jingles always give him away.

 Piper was spayed last week at the humane society. I was anxious about it, especially because of her size and how much she jumps and I knew we'd have to keep her calm for a week. At 7 months, that's quite a feat. I'm happy to say she is doing great, the vet there did a great job and she's back to having free reign of the house, well when we're home that is.

Right now Oliver is the only on with this privilege, he earned it after many trials. Thankfully the worst he ever did was drag some yarn about, eat my Valentine's chocolates and taste a few pocket books.


  1. Piper is going to be a pretty big doggie when she is done growing. Love the last picture with her ears up. So cute!

    And Oliver --- well, he just looks like a snuggle bug.

  2. Both of your dogs look like they are very loveable...very comforting :)