Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My New Shawl Pin

I love to wear shawls, they're so pretty the size is always right and they keep you nice and warm on a chilly day. The problem, they always slip off. Finally I sucked it up and ordered a lovely Sandalwood shawl pin off from Etsy at  Steve's shop. You won't be disappointed if you get a shawl pin from him, it came sent in its own pouch with care instructions I am just thrilled - this hand carved pin is so beautiful! I'm so glad I finally ordered myself one. It is such a beautiful pin and it goes with pretty much any colour or style of shawl. Here it is pictured on my birthday shawl that my sister knit for me. This is Mara, knit up in lovely Berocco Vintage, Red! I had so many compliments wearing it with the pin this past weekend at church.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Trying my Hand at Crochet Again...

Life has gotten busier lately. Our DD is graduating from high school this year. I've been crazy busy with knitting and crochet. I finished a Pay It Forward Handmade for my older sister and I'm just over half way done on the one for my younger sister. I'm also very involved with my churches prayer shawl ministry. On March 20th we had 21 more shawls blessed at Mass and distributed, it was a huge success again. Actually there are people now on waiting lists to get a shawl for a loved one. Previously I had only knit shawls but I thought I'd try my hand at crocheting. I learned how to crochet first but since picking up knitting in the last 6 years I've really put crochet on the back burner. I'm pleased to say that I have already finished one shawl and am over half way on the second, this is since March 22! I can crochet much faster. As the goal is to get several shawls made I plan to crochet a few more before trying another knit version. This is a very easy pattern found at LionBrand's website - 'Caramel Tweed Shawl'. All done in half double crochet. I made this one in more masculine colours. The second one I started is in a simple closed shell pattern.

The last picture is my DD's very unique 'conversation piece' Grad shoes! We picked her dress out on Saturday, she looks like a princess!

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Sorry, two days late with my post - some difficult family stuff going on.
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