Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I found this "getting to know you" meme on Dee's blog.  It looked like fun.  So, here goes, the ABCs of me:

Age:  41 (almost 42)

Bed:  Queen.

Chore that you hate:  Cooking,thankfully my DH loves it!

Dogs:  Two, a 5 year old Bragle named Oliver and we just adopted a pup named Piper a cute Border Collie/Larador Retriever mix from the Humane Society.

Essential to start my day:  TEA!!!

Favorite color:  Red or Navy

Gold or silver:  Gold, but silver is a close second ;)

Height:  5'5"

Instruments that you play: air drums

Job Title:  Office Admin or something politically correct like thay.

Kids:  Two

Live:  Rarely

Mom's name:  Carolyn Margaret

Nickname: My Granny always called me Missy, but she was the only one who could.

Overnight hospital stays:  5

Pet Peeves:  When people say 'My bad'

Quote from a movie:  "You had me at hello"

Right or left:  Right.

Siblings: Two sisters, two brothers

Take-Out-Food:   Quick, it is for running late moments.

Underwear:  hate shopping for it.

Veggies:  Pretty much all except beets, brussel sprouts rule!

What makes you run late:  My dawdlng DD.

Xrays:  Nothing major, never broke a bone.

Yummy food:  Cinnamon buns, muffins.....oh any baked good, my big weakness!

Zoo Animals:  Not really a person who likes zoos.

There are my answers.  Where are yours?

If you decide to participate, please leave a comment so I can go see the A-Z on you.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yes, I'm still around! I don't have too many followers lately so I'm sure my absence wasn't noticed much. Life has been hectic since Fall kicked in. We also adopted a 3mth old Border Collie/Labrador Retriever Cross from the Humane Society just as our holidays ended. Let me tell you, I forgot how much attention a puppy needs. Piper is a ball of energy. When we got her she was obviously under weight, she weighed 16 pounds and you could see and feel her ribs. Since we got her in the middle of August she has gained 10.5 pounds and she's averaging a gain of 2lbs/week. We are busy playing with her and walking her so I don't get much time to do anything else. Knitting has been slow going, but I did finish this set for my niece's 10th birthday - she turns 10 in December and they moved farther North. I thought a nice scarf/hat sat was appropriate. Of course I had to bling it up, I used Red Heart Shimmer. Her mom is a busy one and this needs to be machine washable. Today I picked up the buttons at Michael's, I like they way they tie it all together. If you haven't tried either of these patterns, I highly recommend them!

I'm not doing a lot of Christmas knitting this year, I usually find I am too stressed out by the end and worried I won't finish in time. I'm also working on some 'me' knitting and I continue to try to fit in prayer shawl knitting.