Sunday, February 05, 2012

Time for Tea

 So I've been on a 'Tea Cozy' kick. I decided to embellish them with crochet/knit flowers rather than the usual pom pom. I got the idea because I simply do not make good pom pom's or fringe! Thankfully I really dislike both, so I don't ever feel the need to make them.

I just finished another scarf, a prayer shawl is on the needles and I'm about to cast on for a California Poppy Tea Cozy next.

I decided these cozies were too special for acrylic so I ordered a bunch of Cascade 220 from, and I've got enough to make another six cozies!

This is the pleated tea cozy pattern from Patons, in case yo u are interested.


  1. Lovely tea cozies in luscious colors.

  2. Your Tea Cozies are so pretty. Flowers are so much better than pom poms IMHO :)