Sunday, September 02, 2012


August was my four week holiday with my DH. Due to the fact that we have some reno's scheduled in the Fall we had a staycation. It was relatively relaxing. It's nice to wake up and decide what to do for the day. We just had a lot of 'us' time. It was wonderful.

Our vacation started with us redoing the master bedroom. Our daughter had it for the last 6 years. It went from a teen angst facebook wall kinda  room to a tranquil space that I call my beach room. It's still a wip as part of our reno includes laminate floor in that room and new baseboards and a new door, I will post before and after pictures when the project is complete.

We went looking for new bedroom furniture and instead ended up with selecting some new living room furniture, oops! It is made to order so hopefully we'll have it mid September. I went way out of my comfort zone with this. Considering all our previous furniture has been shades of brown and taupes you won't believe it when I post pictures!

On the last week of holiday's our dog Piper was due for her vaccinations, that morning she was on the deck with my DH and she decided to eat a wasp. She won, but she had the swollen cheek to show for it, instead the vet gave her a shot of antihistamine and she was rebooked. A couple of days later I decided to make a no-knead oatmeal bread. Normally I put it in the oven straight away to rise. This recipe however had suggested to heat the oven up and then turn it off. Well, when it was time to put the dough in the oven was too hot. I had it sitting on the stove covered in a damp tea towel. I was off to knit and DH was sitting with the dogs. He popped in to talk with me for a few minutes. We both came out together and that's when I saw the damp tea towel on the floor, this had me a little confused. Then I saw the empty bowl on the stove. Our darling Piper had eaten an entire bowl of raw dough! Talk about panic. A quick call to the vet and we were desperately trying to get her to vomit! Just when we had given up hope of being able to do it on our own she was being whisked away to the vet. A few steps in the garage and she dug her paws in and wouldn't budge, yes it all came out a whole two loaves worth! It was so scary, before she got rid of it you could see her stomach expanding! This is no joke. Later when she did see the vet for her regular visit where they've aptly named her the 'dough dog' the vet said the biggest concern is the alcohol that builds up as the dough grows in an enclosed space, a dog can suffer from alcohol poisoning. Thankfully she's ok, but I'll never leave dough rising again on the counter. Having Oliver a beagle, I never had to worry about things that were counter height.

I knit like crazy. I had been asked to knit some tea cozies for a local tea shoppe. I started and finished a total of 10 since April, most of them were done in the summer months. So I bid farewell to tea cozy knitting for just a bit. I still want to make myself one in red/white but for now I'm doing a little wrap for my niece for Christmas and I'm finishing a shawl I started awhile back a nice go to basic black ripple shawl for me, using Dream in Color Starry in Black Pearl. I am looking forward to wearing it at Christmas.

That's the summer here, now that it's coming to a close I'm looking forward to a nice Autumn.