Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Craft Sale Find

 My friend and our dd's went to a local annual craft sale - Our Best To You.

I didn't think I would end up buying anything, and then I saw this angel. I was actually on a mission that day to pick one up on sale at Zeller's. Well one look at these handmade angel tree toppers and I was quickly re-thinking my purchase of a manufactured in china tree topper. She was actually only a few dollars more than the sale price of the tree topper I was going to purchase. I can't wait to put her on our tree this Sunday!

Here is a spoon ring, a ring made out of an old silver spoon. I love these. I actually had one gifted to me a few years back from my sister, that one has sunflowers on the front. What a neat idea.


  1. The angel is gorgeous and will be beautiful on top of the tree. I love your new ring, too.

  2. What a beautiful angel.

    I love your ring. The simple silver pattern really is lovely.