Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Ruffled Scarf for me!

 This yarn isn't the most fun to knit with, but it knits up quick and the end result is worth it. This is the fourth one I made, and finally one for me, yay!

What I learned is that knitting with circular needles helps as the yarn is just loops on a big ribbon and tends to slip off easily, but watching a friend knit one the other day at bible study, I learned an even better way to prevent slipping, larger needles.

I didn't end up using the needles pictured up top, I found some 12mm straight needles that did the trick quite well. Best of all no slipping and this meant I could start it yesterday at lunch and transport it home to finish up in the evening with no worry about losing stitches. This yarn always gets a bit wound up tight as you work with it, probably the only drawback that I can think of.

These make wonderful quick gifts for friends and family. I have another ball in pastel pinks/purples/yellow to knit next and this time I'm not dreading it as before I locked myself in my room and knit for as long as it took, probably a couple of hours or so.


  1. While several of my friends have made many of these scarves, I've yet to knit one.

    Yours looks great - nice job.

  2. Pretty!

    So many of my knit group are knitting with variations of this kind of yarn. They are tempting me, but I know I would never wear a scarf, so ... I've resisted. I think there are some really pretty colors of that ruffly yarn.