Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Wrapping Fun

 Here is a bit of fun I've had with my Christmas wrapping so far. Some of the gifts were really fun to accessorize. I finally mastered the pom pom. Turns out I wasn't giving it as short enough of a hair cut.
It's amazing what you can do with some Kraft paper and some dollar store items.

The top left one I thought was especially cute to put under the tree, I had some stamps at work that I thought made it look unique.

 Surprisingly you don't need a lot of extra things to decorate the parcel. I used leftover pom pom strings and ribbon to thread on the adornments using a darning needle, it worked great. Then I use the ribbons to tie them on, voila, so easy.

This makes wrapping less of a chore and more of a craft to enjoy.
 A paper doily, some ribbon and a bow, too easy.
 This little gift is for my niece and nephew with a bouquet of lollipops!
 This one is really simple, purple tissue paper, pink yarn and a pink pom pom. For my niece who like me, has a birthday very close to Christmas.


  1. Under your tree it is going to be quite festive.

  2. Clever ideas - nice job!

  3. You are very creative with your Christmas packaging! I'm lucky if I just get the all wrapped up ;)

    happy holidays :)

  4. Sometimes wrapping the gifts is more fun than shopping for them. I sent off a few myself to the post office today. Your gifts are adorable and I especially love the one with the doily !