Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guilt Free Chocolate for Breakfast

 This is a must try recipe! It's so delicious!!! I whipped this batch up in no time, so easy. The egg white/sugar glaze gives the top a nice crunch while the inside remains nice and soft with ooey gooey chocolatey goodness.

The only thing I did different than the recipe calls for is to use mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. I already had a bag open in the fridge from another recipe so it just made sense. I really liked it as there was a lot of chocolate in every bite. I also didn't have any buttermilk so I did the old substitute by adding 1/2 Tbsp of lemon juice to it and let it sit for a few minutes.

The end result is a delicious scone that anyone would enjoy!

You can find the recipe here.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe link. I've never made scones, but I am going to try.