Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My first Knit of 2013

I've decided this is it, this is the year that I don't let fear keep me from knitting what I want to. I had this yarn since early last year. I was going to knit this shawl for Spring 2012. The yarn sat there, I thought about it but I kept thinking that maybe I should try a different pattern. I don't know why, I just had it in my head that it was complicated and I should opt for an easier pattern. I've done oodles of the Boneyard Shawl, it's turning into my go-to prayer shawl pattern. I love the flow of it, and that it is so easy to switch it up with different colours. This is good for a prayer shawl, the ease of the knit allows for quiet prayer time. Then something in me pushed to go for it and try the pattern. I read it over and saw all the 'short rows'. Up until now I've dreaded the short rows. I thought it was something extremely complicated. Sure I had done them in various patterns, but this pattern they play a very prominent role.

I'm so glad I did it. This gives me even more confidence and as long as I can continue to not over think and just take each pattern step-by-step I can try all sorts of things that have up until this point intimidated me. I've always wanted to knit socks - why wait any longer! After I get this shawl completed I'm going to try my first pair. I have knit 3 Christmas Stockings so I have a basic understanding of the steps. After that, who knows. I just know that I want to have a year of knitting on things I want, not necessarily all for me, but I will no longer knit on things that don't make me happy. Knitting shouldn't be a chore, I love it so much and I'd hate to ever dread it. So this is the 'me' year, a year where I push past my self created limitations and try things that I've always wanted to and find out what other projects make fall in love with the art of knitting all over again.

This Striped Study is knit with Madeline Tosh Sock in Antler and Isadora.

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  1. Pretty!

    A me year sounds like a good thing. :-) Knitting really SHOULD be enjoyable. If it's not, you ain't doin' it right. ;-)