Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No more Hair Colour!!!

Sadly after my third application the reaction got worse. This time it felt like my scalp was on fire at the back by my neck. It feels like a chemical burn! Is this even worth it to not be grey at 43? It worries me how quickly the reaction worsens. I now have a very sore, very itchy head. It is about half way up the back and my whole neck is itchy!
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  1. Oh no ... sorry you are feeling so itchy/burny/firey.

    I let my hair go natural about 20 years ago. I actually like it. My hair has MUCH more shine (especially the WHITE parts LOL)

  2. I has let it grow out, then I was goofy in the summer and used vegetable dye to go pink. Unfortunately it didn't fade out and I had to cover it with semi permanent to go back to work. So now I have to go through the process again of growing it out. I hate roots, last time I cut my hair quite short but I do t want to go that shirt again. Maybe a scarf or two will help.