Thursday, May 30, 2013

A taste of Italy

For our anniversary dinner this year we tried out a new restaurant. Normally we've gone out for a nice steak dinner with all the trimmings. I knew of Fortuna, but we just hadn't gotten around to going there. Once I saw their menu, I knew it had to try it.

We were seated at a lovely table by the window, unfortunately it wasn't warm enough to eat on the patio(next time). We started our meal with Sangria and our appetizers were Bufala Caprese and Bruschetta, and then of course a basket of breads was brought to our table to be enjoyed with olive oil and Balsamic so good!

My DH decided to try lamb for the first time, he roasted lamb served on creamy polenta with grilled zucchini. He loved it! I tried it, but I don't think lamb is for me but the polenta(oh my)! I decided to order the Gnocchi al Funghi(Gnocchi in a creamy porcini mushroom sauce). When the plate first arrived I was thinking wow what a small portion, but oh boy does that fill you up quickly! It was also pure heaven! The gnocchi are fresh made and they were so fluffy and the sauce was perfect. I was so full in fact that we had to wait to consider dessert.

For dessert my DH had the Tirimasu and I had the Pannacotta and we each had a Cafe Mocha that was served with a piece of Biscotti. The desserts were both very good, I think next time I'll try the Tirimasu.

This has us thinking of different meals we can make at home. Today I'm making Creamy Polenta served with Roasted Mushrooms and Veggies. I plan on making some Ricotta Dumplings next.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful mean. Happy anniversary!

    1. Thanks Dee, it was amazing!