Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crochet Bug

I had a request from the local Catholic school to crochet some roses, they were going to use them during May to teach the smaller children about the rosary.

I jumped in and made 3 sets of red roses. I was then on a rose binge. I made roses of every color. What I discovered was they made great barrettes. My DD loved them, she loves the pinup look and they suit it great.

Just recently I saw a post for this granny strip afghan. I was in love! I had currently had a blanket sitting as a UFO for two years. I started it for an anniversary blanket for my DH and I and it hasn't progressed very far. I was attempting a version of the sampler afghan. All the sewing of squares just put me off, so there it sat. Thankfully I had way, way overestimated on how much yarn I'd need.

After I saw that blanket, I was so excited to get started. I'd love one in the new Billow, but for now I had yarn to use up - it's literally taking over my storage bins. After I got home I counted the balls, checked the yardage and I'm sure there is plenty and I don't even have to rip out the earlier work. I think those earlier squares will be turned into toss cushions and a chair pad cover.

The plan with this new afghan is exactly like how she did hers, although I won't have equal stripes of colours as some colours I have 3 balls left and some 2, I still think it will work out great. I started it Tuesday evening, I chained 240 and began with the turquoise. I thought the first row of sc into the chain would never end! Thankfully once you get into the pattern it really isn't that bad. The best part, it fits my bed with a bit of hang over, yay! I will keep you posted as time goes on of its progress.

First here is a picture of the yarn that I'm using to create my version of the Granny Strip Afghan. Below is a slide show of my recent ventures back into crochet. The pink scrubbie is a pattern I worked up one morning when I wanted a round little scrubbie. I haven't written down exactly how I did it, but I will next time.

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  1. I love the colors you chose for your granny blanket.