Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I refuse to blend into the wallpaper any longer

I see myself in black. I don't want to stand out - I'm not a size 2. If I could fade into the wallpaper that would be the ideal.

I have to get past that and enjoy being me for all of my wonderful and quirky ways. A good way to know what goes on in my introverted head is a comment I made a few year's back. We were at a birthday supper and they had a catered meal. One of the ladies was going back for second's and my comment to her was 'Shy people don't have seconds'. Oh we may want them, we may be drooling over that second piece of delectable chicken or another taste of a lovely brownie, but we sit at our chair like someone had glued us there and you'd pretty much have to drag us to that table. At the time she said that would make a great book title. I think there is some truth there. There are a lot of things about introverts that might surprise you.

We want to be the one with the bright clothes, the fancy new pair of glasses. That person is in us just fighting to get out. Once in awhile we let it out, we are brave. We test the waters to see how it feels.

Oh to be bold and confident and just be who you want to be, never worrying about what someone else thinks. Honestly I'm 43 this year and it's just time to stop and be me, what am I waiting for.

One day I was all dressed up on my way to get my nails done and I was being brave that day I had a similar hair accessory, but it was with a barette back. A stranger walked by and commented 'you look really good today'. Honestly, that has never, ever happened to me. I think there was something there I needed to hear and I need to listen to that.

Here I am with my hair all fancied up. I crocheted a red rose and attached it to a simple headband, I feel a little self-conscious but I'm going to just have to deal with it. The toes are the wonderful new product that you 'must' try it is OPI Sand and it goes on toes so nice! I put a base coat and then two coats of 'The Impossible' and it looks fabulous. I need to get some more of these in some wild colours.


  1. Glad you are feeling "all you!" today. That's a great feeling.

    Remember "God don't make no garbage". :-)

    1. Thanks Dee! I actually got a few good comments on the rose head band so I will definitely make more and wear them more often, life is too short to blend in.

  2. You are an awesome, wonderful lady...quirks and all! ;o)