Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I recently re-started this afghan, after trying to do a knitted sampler that just seemed to have hit a point where I knew it wasn't going to get finished.

In my other post I mentioned about how I discovered this pattern. I am really enjoying it but I did discover that I will need to get about another 10 balls of yarn. I've just added the third colour a nice teal blue/green.

I was trying to think of a name for this project when all of a sudden 'waves' came to me. It came to me for a few different reasons. Last year we moved our bedroom to the master bedroom that we had given our daughter when we first bought our house. It's a small bi-level home and we had thought it best if we take the basement bedroom. For five years that was our room and then we decided last summer to move up. It took some time getting the room ready as we had left it in a teen's hands for 5 years. I wanted a calming space, a space where I could go to and just relax. Thus our cottage themed room started to fall into place. We painted the walls a nice light green. I'm still considering it a work in progress because there are things I still want to switch out or add, but this waves blanket definitely suits the theme of the room.

An ocean has waves of every size. Sometimes the waves are gentle and calming and other times the waves are from a tsunami and they are destructive and dangerous. It's all about how you ride those waves, the gentle and the dangerous. Outside forces are at you all the time, some are good and try to build up your marriage and others are destructive and try to wash the good away. After twenty-four years we've had our share of gentle and some not so gentle waves, when a bad wave comes our way we cling to each other until it passes. This has made us stronger than ever. These waves have helped form our relationship and even the harmful waves have helped in ways we couldn't have expected them to. Going through them together and coming out not just unscathed but more united than ever is a blessing indeed and one I am thankful for each and every day.

So this will be named Waves it really seems to fit our story. I look forward to sleeping under the waves for many years to come.

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