Monday, June 03, 2013

Lazy Sunday

 The pups and I decided to spend the morning on the deck while DH was at work. It was a chilly morning to start, I'm not sure when we'll get really warm weather, but this suited us just fine. By the end of the day I ended up with a bit of a sunburn - I guess it's time to admit that I just need it anytime I'm in the sun.

I spent the morning knitting. I finished my key lime cloth and started and finished the bright green cloth. These cloths are so easy and quick to knit and end up at a nice average 7 x 7 inch cloth that is a perfect size for a washcloth or even a dishcloth as I don't like a large cloth that expands too much for dishes.

Piper met Harley on Friday and they loved each other. Both the same mix of breeds they loved to finally have a dog that they could puppy play with. We made a play date to meet up at the local dog park in the afternoon.

Even Oliver finally got to meet Harley and she actually has pretty good dog manners and gave him his appropriate space.

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  1. You want heat? Come on down. We're plenty warm here in Florida! LOL

    1. No, I don't think I can take Florida summer heat - I'd wilt pretty fast.