Friday, June 07, 2013

Summer Knitting

 I love summer knitting, it's generally when I build up my stash of dishcloths. I always find a need to have extra cloths on hand. They make a perfect last minute quick gift. Sometimes I bundle them up with a bar of my DH's homemade soap, or I give them as part of our churches Christmas Hamper project tied up with ribbon to a bottle of dishsoap.

There are so many great ideas for gifting these, I love that you can use them in the bath or in the kitchen. I like to bring a touch of fun to the everyday so I do use fancy cloths like this to wash dishes. I do make a select few that are designated for the bath and they are my 'spa cloths'.

So when the summer heats up and I don't want to be sitting under a big project these come out. Best part, they are portable and I can take them with me anywhere and get some knitting time in or 'me time'.

There is nothing better than sitting on the back deck sipping on an iced tea,listening to the birds chirp and working on a pretty cloth like this.

The striped cloth is Beach Towel Striped Cloth from Lily Sugar and Cream. As soon as I got the email with the new pattern I cast one on. They are really easy and I love the effect. I did change how many I CO as I don't like a cloth that is 10 x 10, these work out to 8.5 x 8.5, which is about as large as I like to go. I'm going to pick up some bright yellow and have a colorful trio to put on Etsy and maybe one for a gift. The other cloths are the 'Not your average cloth' and I love their simplicity and modern look. Knit a bit smaller, they come in at 7.5 x 7.5 but it's still a great size for either the kitchen or bath. I love these cloths as spa cloths and when I knit them for me that's what I use them for.

Tucked away I have a sweater to finish and I'm still working on a crocheted afghan for my room, but for now dishcloth season has arrived and I couldn't be happier. I'll have lot's of fun trying out new patterns, thinking of some of my own and having a great time with my needles and string.

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