Monday, July 15, 2013

Rose Red Beret

I've been knitting dishcloths almost non-stop for week's now and as much as I love knitting them I needed a break. Digging through my stash I discovered some Cascade 220 that I had purchased for some tea cozies which I am also bored with making at the moment. When I saw the Ruby I knew I wanted to knit a beret. The question was which one. I always fall into that 'that pattern is too difficult' and 'I'll just find an easy one, it's ok if it's not as fancy'. This is what I was doing all afternoon yesterday. I kept coming back to Rose Red by Ysolda Teague. My sister has knit it at least four times and I love the look of it, but it's one of those patterns that looks like you need a degree in knitting to accomplish. I had a copy of Laurel by Jared Flood but I kept thinking of the Red Rose and it was certainly fitting since I had a nice Ruby red to knit it with.

My sis told me it was well within my skill level. Trusting her on this I went and ordered the pattern. I was so excited. I got the pattern and I immediately loved the line by line instruction. The *gulp* moment came when I realized you start from the top and work your way down. I've worked with dpn's before, heck I have knit three Christmas stockings with them and finished a few berets, but I have never done a top down one that started on dpn's. I brooded a bit.

After supper I got my yarn, dug out my needles and my pattern and just decided to jump in. The first attempt was bad, mostly because I forgot how to divide the stitches among the needles, it had been over a year since I worked on them. I frogged the first one and quickly had a look on what I did wrong. I cast on again and it looked much better, I will admit though starting with 6 stitches on dpn's is a bit of an acrobatic trick. My arms were cramping but it wasn't long before I had enough stitches on each dpn that it was a breeze. The other bonus is when I knit off the dpn's to the circular needle there was no gap there and I always have trouble when I start on circular needles in the round to not have a space there, no matter what I do.

So I'm happily knitting and enjoying the process. I've got a skein of white that I want to knit this in as well. If both of these go well I'll try Laurel which was also had me convinced I couldn't do it.

I have to let go of this 'I can't' thinking. I think I need to do more dpn knitting.

The Red Rose and Laurel pattern are available at Ravelry.

***Update October 26, 2013

I finished the beret without issues, next time I'll use a lighter yarn but overall I am happy with it and it looks lovely.