Saturday, October 26, 2013

Deadline Knitting - Love it or Hate it?

I had a few items up on Etsy, but it wasn't going anywhere so I decided to close the store and try this sale. After that I think I just have to knit for the love of it. I am feeling a bit of deadline  pressure to knit more things and it does take some of the joy out of it.

I have discovered the cowl -and where has it been all my life. It's the perfect winter accessory, you have a warm scarf and if the weather is really cool you slip it up and you keep your ears warm, all without messing your hair - perfect! So I've knit up a few of those for the sale along with ruffled scarves and I'm now doing a diagonal baby blanket in Lionbrand Homespun - holiday collection and I quite like how that is going. I had a lot of dishcloths and tea cozies. I may not have the most stock, but I'll sure try to make my table pretty. Thankfully my DH who makes soap whipped up a batch so I have that to offer as well.

After I get this sale over I have to focus on any Christmas projects that are coming up. I have a few Mrs. Claus jobs ahead of me so I won't be able to rest too much until I get those tackled.

I've really been off the computer a lot so blogging has fallen by the wayside, I'm undergoing physio for some nerve issues in my right forearm so I try to stay off the computer at home when I can to help with this as I can't put the needles down just yet.

Question, how do you handle knitting deadlines, whether for holiday knitting or other reasons? Does it leave you frazzled or does it help you to get your projects done quicker?