Friday, January 10, 2014

New Toy

Most year's my Dad sends me a gift card since we live quite some miles apart. I usually have a hard time selecting the perfect item to use it for. I take the selection process very seriously. Last year I had my card until April and I stumbled upon a great sale on a Tassimo and we purchased that and we love it a lot. I don't drink a lot of coffee so this suits our purposes.

This year however my kettle was acting goofy. The opening mechanism on the top started to go just after Christmas, it was getting almost impossible to open it up and when you have a pot of boiling water that can get dangerous. I knew right then what Dad's gift card would go for, the challenge choosing a kettle. I get really caught up in reading Amazon reviews and trying to select the best product for my money. This time around though, I felt like the reviews were really picky. People were nit picking the items to death and marking the item lower for the oddest reasons. I ended up at Home Outfitters and decided to just look in person, I really liked this better. I tried a few and I didn't like how the tops opened or the design and I wasn't really even looking for a kettle that had different temp controls since we mostly drink black tea - and then I saw this one!

First of all my kitchen has red accessories. My Tassimo is red, I have the KitchenAid stand mixer in Empire Red and I have other KitchenAid products and I have been very happy. We bought a set of there anodized steel pots and they are fab! Nothing like a pot with even heat, not sticking and washes up with just a wipe no matter what you cook....well anyway so red is a colour I love. The price was higher than I'd normally want to pay at $119 but I did have my gift card so it would only cost me a little bit. Then I started reading on what this pot does and some was a surprise. Yes, it is programmable to the temperature for your tea whether you drink black, white or green etc. It also reaches the desired temp in about 2 minutes so it is quick and it shows the temperature as it changes, and best of all it beeps when it is done, not too many electric kettles will do that. It also takes up less space than my old one and it looks awesome in my kitchen.

I hope it can keep up with us as we drink a lot of tea at the TeaMouse House!


  1. With all the brutally cold weather, I'm sure this little kettle will be doing its job quite often. Enjoy your happy new tea kettle.

    1. Thanks Dee, we drink a lot of tea in our house so it will be enjoyed daily all through the year.