Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I'm knitting a Sock...

Here I am knitting on the tiniest needles that I've ever used! These are 2mm needles on a 9" cord. The first row was tricky but after that it wasn't too bad. I didn't think I could knit on such a small diameter but it's actually not that bad. I picked up this Loops and Thread Luxury Sock Yarn form Michaels in the colour 'Ocean'. It is very nice yarn but I'm concerned that they are discontinuing it as it was labelled as 'clearance' which is never a good sign. It is very soft with a merino, nylon and cashmere blend.

So I knit, I've finished the cuff now and I'm on to the body of the sock before I have to figure out how to do the toe, which looks relatively easy but I will have to use dpn's at some point I'd imagine. I wasn't sure I'd like knitting on such a tiny project but it's very calming and it makes you slow down and relax(which is awesome). I'm not running a race here I just want to end up with a pair of socks :D

This seemed like a great place for me to start as there is no heel - Tube Socks


  1. As you can probably figure out, sock knitting is my go to. You are so right. It IS relaxing.

    I love the color you chose and that blend of fibers should make a very soft and comfortable sock.

    1. Thanks Dee you have inspired me over the years to knit socks I'm so glad I tried