Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reading always helps!

 Well I had good progress on my first mitten but as I got to the first increase row I realized something was off. I had too many stitches. It turns out I didn't read the pattern right from the start and there should have been three cable sections.

I frogged it and started over and so far it's going great. This afternoon I got to the part I thought would be the hardest, which was the Thumb Gusset. It was really no big deal at all.

I did have the held stitches on a metal holder but it looked like that might get in
the way so I slipped them on to a piece of scrap yarn.

The colour is looking off here to me in this picture, it's Cascade220 Mallard and it really is a nice almost navy blue.

I'm hoping to have this mitten finished tonight and cast on for the right one. I'm so glad I gave dpn's a try!

And not too surprising I love knitting mittens a quick one skein project, what's not to love and since I live in a climate where I need them 75% of the year I'm stoked to be able to have as many as I want in different colours and styles.

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  1. They are such a pretty pattern. :-)