Friday, August 08, 2014

Partying My way to better health

For anyone who's done Zumba you know how much fun it really is. Before you know it your workout is done and you just had a ton of fun but you know you worked hard, you have buckets of sweat pouring off of you and you need a ton of water, but damn it feels good.

The other day I had my first wake up call to get fit. It's been and off and on battle but now it's real. My DH is near to a type 2 diabetic, my DD is type 2 diabetic and I got some not so great news about cholesterol, and blood sugars. I also have low iron so I have to take an iron supplement which may help with my low energy and I have some other tests to make sure it's not because of anything else besides low iron in my diet.

Since she was diagnosed a month ago we've already begun making more changes. We've always been a family of whole grain breads and pastas but now we have to get even more serious. I personally had to make changes, mo more sugary pops if I want a pop it has to be diet and no more chips and chocolate.

I had done this workout before but had stopped because no matter how good I thought I was doing the game didn't seem to acknowledge I was doing it right so I felt like I was failing at it. One day I was doing it again, yes it's so much fun that I still wanted to do it. Well my remote fell out and I had to put it back in and this time I was getting 'zumba's and 'hot's' all the time. It turned out I had mistakenly put the remote in the belt incorrectly, the sensor has to be facing up at the top.

Well I didn't keep going I let myself get lazy and then our empty nest was full again and then more than full and I had almost no privacy. It's still a full nest but I can make time for me and do it. I did it this morning for about 45 minutes, sweat tons had a blast and got 67% on accuracy and I felt awesome!

My goal this month is to do this each day I'm at home during my holidays and when we are away I'll do some other form of fitness. This will be in addition to our daily walk with our dogs. I hope and pray that if I do this along with our healthy eating that I will actually shed some weight, change my levels and be more healthy and fit.

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