Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seeding The Fields Dishcloth Pattern

Seeding the Fields Dishcloth

This pattern reminds me of seeding, I designed it in the Spring when the crops were being planted.

Seeding the Fields

-For the pattern, it list repeat the rows 1 - 6 eight times. This is the total amount of times to work the pattern rows. Work rows 1 - 6 for eight times. Or work it until the cloth is almost square. Then work a final repeat of rows 1 - 4 and the k3 rows for the border.
-This cloth can be completed with any regular size ball of dishcloth cotton. If you make the larger size cloth you may need two balls if they are ombre or variegated(If you use Bernat Handicrafter ombre or variegated) - disregard this if you are using Peaches and Cream, they’re balls have more yardage in both solid and ombres and should be just fine). A full size small ball of a solid cotton is enough no matter what brand you choose.