Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reading always helps!

 Well I had good progress on my first mitten but as I got to the first increase row I realized something was off. I had too many stitches. It turns out I didn't read the pattern right from the start and there should have been three cable sections.

I frogged it and started over and so far it's going great. This afternoon I got to the part I thought would be the hardest, which was the Thumb Gusset. It was really no big deal at all.

I did have the held stitches on a metal holder but it looked like that might get in
the way so I slipped them on to a piece of scrap yarn.

The colour is looking off here to me in this picture, it's Cascade220 Mallard and it really is a nice almost navy blue.

I'm hoping to have this mitten finished tonight and cast on for the right one. I'm so glad I gave dpn's a try!

And not too surprising I love knitting mittens a quick one skein project, what's not to love and since I live in a climate where I need them 75% of the year I'm stoked to be able to have as many as I want in different colours and styles.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mittens in July?

This is the start of a pair of Irish Hiking Mittens. After two successful cabled wine cozies I decided to try mittens next. I'm getting closer to socks :)! So even though it's July it's mittens I'm knitting. I really do love these one skein projects.

I had picked up this yarn on my last trip to visit my sister in B.C., it was supposed to be for a hat but it has sat in my stash waiting to be used. I really wanted to knit these in wool as I really prefer this especially on dpn's the wool seems to really have a lot more give in it and I really don't have any concerns with laddering.

I love the front of this mitten, the cables are perfect for it. I'll be doing this pattern repeat for a bit before I do any increases and the thumb gusset but so far so good. I'm really enjoying this. My only issue is now I seem to need to be buying a different set of dpn's all the! I now have 4mm for these mittens and 4.5 and 5.5 but I know I'll be needing more in the future. I don't know what it is but to me the bamboo needles really help me a lot, the stitches don't slip easily off of them so for now bamboo is it for me.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Well I've tried knitting socks with different methods other than dpn's. I recently tried the two circular method, I spent a lot of money on great needles and yarn and although I grasped the idea of it I kept getting laddering. I've read some reviews on the yarn and some say it doesn't have enough give and can cause laddering. I'm not sure if it's the yarn or the technique. For now it's sitting there unfinished mocking me ;)

The other day I was browsing some patterns and I found this pattern I had saved awhile back but I put if off because it required dpn's. I am thinking enough is enough! I cast on that nightafter supper. I  didn't just jump into plain knitting, but this had cables, after all I don't want to be stuck knitting stockinette socks all my life. My reasoning also that if I could knit cables with dpn's I shouldn't be intimidated any longer when patterns call for them. Time to grow up and wear my big girl panties.

Well it was so much fun and not hard at all, in just a short time I had an awesome wine sleeve, which I just adore. These will be very handy as my DH makes wine as a hobby and often we gift it and what a better way to wrap it up. I've already cast on for my second one. These are great stash busters to use up the leftovers from other projects. This first one was some Briggs and Little I had on hand from a project that never finished and the new one is being worked on with Knit Picks in Holly Berry. It seems like it takes just over 100 yds to make one.

I've also got another project to try after this that also uses dpn's and I'm actually looking forward to learning this new project. If all goes well I'll soon be using tiny needles and sock yarn and doing things the way my Granny would have years ago when she knit socks for my Grandpa.

Cabled Wine Sleeve - Wine anyone?