Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I started this on January 2/15 with yarn I was gifted by my DH for my birthday in December. I have no idea why it has sat so long as an UFO. It's such a quick project. I'd pick it up from time to time, thinking I would have dropped a stitch, but thankfully I hadn't. I started picking it up seriously again this past weekend as I think part of my lost mojo for knitting is these UFO's hanging over my head. This is more blue than the photo shows, I took it last night. The yarn is gorgeous Madeline Tosh DK in Betty Drapers Blue and the pattern is Downton Cowl

It's such gorgeous yarn and a great pattern, I have another skein to use to make a hat with so that's the plan once this is off the needles.

Why are there always projects that sit as UFO's for so long?

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  1. Wow! On my computer, the yarn looks brown. It's blue? LOL

    The pattern is beautiful!