Saturday, July 18, 2015

Chicago Style Baby

This past September my brother got married on a cruise and a reception was held in October. Me and my DH flew out for the occasion and had a great visit. It's very hard to live so far away from family that you wish you could see so much more often.

We had a few different outings and made the brief trip even more enjoyable. We spent a nice evening with my Dad and his wife. My sis put on a pot of delicious chilli and we all just relaxed. My DH and Dad strumming on the guitar is something I will always cherish from this trip.

My Dad had a secret stash of Chicago style popcorn. I didn't realize how protective he was of it but I sure learned. This stuff is delicious, the combination of sweet/salty is just perfect and normally I don't go for that at all. His was bought from Costco and since I refuse to pay to belong to a shopping store we've not had it since. On Tuesday I had to go out for a doctor visit and afterwards fill a prescription and our local pharmacy has purchased a grocery store chain and they now sell their products in the store. Look what I found, Chicago Mix popcorn, you bet your boots I bought a bag and I think that was showing some good restraint. This is dangerously good and I know why mad Dad kept telling us to leave his!

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  1. Not sure about that combo of tastes, but I sure do love some good flavored popcorn! I'll have to keep my eyes open and see if I can find that brand around here. :-)

    Enjoy YOUR bag!